FX Broker Tools Brokerage Business Intelligence

Brokerage business intelligence is a web based service tool for forex brokers. Consisting of a range of wonderful features, it offers logical visual data that tend to enhance the decision making process of the clients.

Key Features Of BBI Trade Processor:

  • Offers anytime access to the complete information on the infrastructure, server data and history.
  • Generates fully automated reports conforming with varied regulations
  • Provides user-friendly interface without requiring any direct interface with the platforms.
  • Presents complete monitoring of traders activity on the server.
  • Enables flexible and detailed search configuration for internal reporting.
  • Allows retrieving high-accuracy data.
  • Possess unique risk management toolkit to ensure the safety of a broker.

Trade Processor- An innovative update to Brokerage Business Intelligence platform

FX Brokers Tools offer Trade Processor, one of the best risk-free liquidity bridging solution available under the Brokerage business intelligence platform to its clients. Trade Processor is a tool that allows the brokers to have a detailed eye on all their trades and traders via a simple web UI. It collects statistics from the diverse server and thus enables the filtering of deals by the type of execution i.e A Book or B Book. It results in sharing of precise data information for any given time interval. It also offers an automated “volume of transaction” report that let brokers analyze the transaction details both by execution and financial instrument type for a specified period. Trade Processor is also capable of switching the orders between A Book and B Book on the fly. Supporting back up connections with liquidity providers, it secures the forex trading process with powerful performance capability, The most appealing feature of Trade Processor is that this real-time trading platform has now been integrated with the firm’s web-based reporting capabilities and risk management tool. Such a great combination of analytics and reporting capabilities of BBI has a great impact on the precision of brokers’ trading statistics. Trade Processor is available for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 white label trading platform.

Using Brokerage Business Intelligence in concurrence with Trader Processor offers valuable benefits to the clients, supported by swift, exact and entirely compliant reporting. It provides a complete analysis of data related to any trading activity on the server. As a bridging solution, it allows routing configuration, switching of trades during the periods of increased volatility; establish connections with the multiple liquidity providers and also aggregate trades with an option of execution on different liquidity providers. It also provides automation of the following regulatory reports:

  • CySec- Statement of eligible funds
  • CySec- Monthly prevention statement
  • MiFID II RTS 28 – Annual Best Execution Disclosure
  • QST-CIF for CySec Quarterly statistics (Sections D(1), D(2), E, F
  • VOT-CIF for CySec- Volume of transactions

Trade Processor is the most reliable and secured modular system that answers any questions of brokers by customizing its tools as per their needs.