FX Broker Tools Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

FX Brokers Percent Allocation Management Module is an advanced MT4/MT5 PAMM solution designed to attract quality money managers and investors with its sleek web-based UI and advanced investment management capabilities.

PAMM, the most demanded forex brokers tool is a great source of additional revenue stream for master traders. The system is based on the strategy, “let follower traders or investors copy the trades of master traders.” To put into other words, it simply means that PAMM allow the forex traders to distribute small sums in a proportion so as to copy the trades of master traders who could trade with large sum. Basically, PAMM is a kind of pooled money forex trading which allows an investor to distribute the money in desired proportion to one or more money managers of his choice.

Key Features of Forex PAMM Account Manager

  • Customizable Asset Management tool
  • Works on both MT4/MT5 trading platform
  • Transparent and intuitive web UI
  • Easy to integrate with existing CRM and back-office operations,
  • Enable money managers/master traders to view statistics and analytics of performance, manage accounts of investor while modifying the individual parameters.
  • Allow investors to choose a money manager/master trader and monitor the transactions done by him on his behalf.
  • Efficient risk management as trades automatically get disconnected after reaching at particular level which secures the investments.

Who are the participants in the PAMM Account setup?

  • forex brokers or forex brokerage firms
  • master (experienced) traders/ money managers
  • investors

How does PAMM work?

Well, this handy PAMM tool allow the master forex traders to handle several forex trading accounts using their own capital and such pooled moneys, with a motive to reap profits. As every single managed forex trader’s accounts consists of pre-defined proportion, the master trader can allocate funds on it for copying trade. While trading, the master trader places an order on behalf of investors in proportions and thus utilizes his abilities and skills in conducting profitable trades. Thus investors become a part of a set of sub-accounts which are traded together by a money manager or by a trader who has acquired a right from a client to trade his account under Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). This processing of entire information from multiple Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 servers into PAMM database undoubtedly enhances the operational efficiency of PAMM and makes the system highly customizable.

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On the other side, accurate volume distribution by PAMM allows investors to encash the opportunity of trading in forex market with fewer deposits on low-liquid instruments while ensuring precise profit distribution between investors. Thus, the forex traders who seek to copy trades of Master Traders willingly pay them for these services. This way, PAMM stimulates the activity of the investors and money managers/ master traders and helps in enhancing trading volume by attracting experienced traders and investors.

What are the Components of PAMM?

  • Joining Fee: Master Traders can charge a onetime joining fee to connect and manage the accounts of other forex traders using PAMM Account Manager. However this is entirely optional and even does not carry fixed amount. Many of the master traders don’t charge any upfront joining fee while others if they wish to charge (mostly experienced and profitable traders), the amount solely depends on their popularity as well as their past performance.
  • Recurring Fee: Master Traders can charge this fee from those who keep on availing the services. Recurring fee can be charged on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.
  • Profit Sharing: Most of the times, well- performing master traders charge fixed percentage of profits if their trades turn out to be profitable. Small traders being aware of the fact that they are earning only because of master trader’s skills never hesitate to pay them.

Why to choose Forex PAMM Account Manager From FX Broker Tools?

  • To enjoy the flexibility of a full service solution.
  • Facility of anytime depositing or withdrawing funds in and out of PAMM account for uninterrupted trading activity.
  • Ability to track forex markets in real-time.
  • Live order management.
  • Ability to generate greater volumes through tight spreads.
  • Ability to set up your own trading conditions, including commissions, mark-ups, account currency, performance fees, profit goals etc.
  • Low commission structure allowing master traders or money managers to earn greater margins.

So Contact us today and stay ahead with flexible allocation methods and real time reporting of performance for efficient management of money.

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