FX Broker Tools Multi-Account Manager (MAM)

MAM stands for Multi Account Manager. As PAMM allow money managers to manage multiple accounts from a single account through percentage allocation, but MAM offers more flexibility to distribute the trades and adjust the risk of each sub-account on the basis of the risk profile of a client. It is the first multi account manager application for traders & brokers set up within the MT4 trading platform to offer money managers/experienced traders to operate multiple forex trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one Master Account.

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Key Features of Multi Account Manager For MT4 & MT5

  • Highly customizable Asset Management tool
  • Offers numerous trade allocation methods – Lot, Percentage, Free Margin, Proportional by Balance or Proportional by Equity
  • Allows closing of individual sub-accounts trades
  • Exhibits all trades in a tree structure
  • Provides broker an entire Control for looking after manager’s activities
  • Quick and Hassle Free Deployment
  • Intuitive Management
  • Allows execution of block orders just with a single click from the master account.

Who are the participants in the MAM Account setup?

  • Forex Brokers Or Forex Brokerage Firms
  • Master (Experienced) Traders/ Money Managers
  • Investors

How does MAM work?

Multi Account Manager system communicates all allocation settings done by a money manager directly with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform provided by FX Broker tools. Forex MAM accounts, specifically designed for account managers involve the sophisticated use of leverage and sub accounts in order to optimize the risk management in a more efficient manner.

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The money manager assigns a higher leverage to specific sub-accounts by allocating fund through the MetaTrader 4 Master Account; while all other processes are handled seamlessly by the MAM. The management of multiple accounts from a single interface increases the functionality of MT4 trading platform and thereby allows MAM manager to adjust trading parameter in real time.

MAM accounts are perfectly apt for investors who possess high-risk tolerance level along with an excellent understanding of forex market.

Difference between PAMM and MAM

Configuration Single managed account involving pooled money of investors Multiple accounts; sometimes split across multiple brokers
Minimum deposit Depends on the vendor Depends on the vendor- but such accounts are perfect for investors who possess high-risk tolerance level
Criteria The master trader places an order on behalf of investors in proportions and distributes profit as per the contribution made Involve the sophisticated use of leverage and sub accounts in order to optimize the risk management in a more efficient manner.
Withdrawal Only at rollover At  rollover or at the end of pre-agreed trading interval

Why to choose FX Broker Tools MAM Account for MT4 & MT5?

  • To enjoy highly customizable trade management solutions.
  • Stronger order execution.
  • Facility of anytime depositing or withdrawing funds in and out of PAMM account for uninterrupted trading activity.
  • Achieve high level of control to maximize returns from forex trading.
  • Measure real-time performance and commission reports.
  • Live order management that brings transparency in the system.
  • Provide open trade conditions, including commissions, mark-ups, account currency, planning of profit and loss goals etc.
  • Ability to be used across all account types.
  • Expert advisors for all your clients.
  • Low commission structure allowing master traders or money managers to earn greater margins.

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