FX Broker ToolsMetaTrader Virtual Dealers

One of the best features of the MetaTrader platform is that it provides access to virtual dealers, an easy and user-friendly service addressing the needs and challenges of traders likely to be faced while trading on financial markets. Virtual Hosting or Virtual dealers trade 24/7 through trading robots and signal subscriptions even when the computer is turned off. The Trading Signals enables automatic real-time copying of trading operations executed on subscribers' trading accounts. The brokers can rent this server directly from the MetaTrader platform in just a few clicks and too without any additional configurations. Further, MetaTrader virtual dealers feature a wide range of trading applications for Experts Advisors, appropriate technical indicators, scripts and Signal subscriptions to be transferred to the virtual server. It also provides an opportunity to test any trading robot or indicator before purchasing.

What we offer to you:

  • Access to advanced technical trading platform
  • Assistance in the incorporation of a company
  • Assistance in establishing bank account and payment services.
  • Assistance in obtaining Forex Broker Licensing
  • Meta Trader Server management
  • Powerful Back office supporting risk management, reporting, plugins and dynamic infrastructure
  • 24* 7 Technical Support
  • Ability to connect to liquidity providers
  • Fast, smooth and hassle-free entry into the competitive market
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the global leaders and to enhance the clientele base.
  • Built-in MetaTrader Virtual dealer

Undoubtedly, to be a broker is a very challenging venture. But with us stop worrying about the potholes and be ready to experience the best. Feel free to raise any enquiry. We will serve you with a simple and finest trading solution for your White Label Forex Brokerage.