FX Broker Tools Forex Introducing Brokers (IB) & Affiliates

FX Broker Tools offers multi-tier IB & affiliates management system with excellent potential earning possibilities to enable your forex brokerage stand out in the crowd.

Just by using the state-of-the-art technology directly integrated within your trading environment, you can now easily control and automate the entire process of commission and rebates generation. Our professional support, advanced and profitable Forex Introducing Brokers & affiliate program along with the generous payment plans can help you to reap unprecedented benefits while trading in the forex market.

Who can participate in Forex Introducing Brokers & Affiliates Program Management System?

  • Introducing brokers
  • Affiliate program operators
  • White Label suppliers
  • Marketing networks
  • Strategy Managers
  • Local Money exchangers

How Introducing Brokers & Affiliates works?

Forex IB i.e. Introducing Brokers and Affiliates, both provide customers with a way to gain access to specific services. But the main point of distinction between an introducing broker and an affiliate is on the basis of the payout structure. An affiliate receives a cost per acquisition which provides them a one-time benefit from the introduction of a client. But, an introducing broker usually gets a spread or portion of the commission from an ongoing relationship between a client and a forex broker.

In other words, every time an IB introduces a client to a broker service, he receives a cost per acquisition or simply a predetermined fee. He is also eligible to contribute in the commission structure and earn an incentive in the trading benefits of a client. The more the amount of profits the client makes, the longer he will trade, allowing an IB to earn more commissions.

***Steps To Start Your Own Forex Brokerage Business In 2020***

Join us as Forex Introducing Broker and introduce clients to us through your special affiliate link. Earn commission whenever they trade on FX Broker Tools. If you have a way to attract clients, then you are at right place. We can help you to earn a sound residual income. Our entire trading platform is organized with the relevant functionality, terminology and features to meet the requirements of the Forex trading industry. This all can be performed on a shared white label MT4 or MT5 trading platform.

FX Broker Tools IB and Affiliate program:

  • IB Program- Under this program, you are required to refer new clients to our firm as an IB. Depending upon the number of clients you introduce and the volume they trade in the market, you will get a commission. Obviously, more the clients or higher the volume, bigger the commission.
  • Affilate Program- Join us as an affiliate and encash an opportunity to earn commission from the total net revenue of your referred client’s trading activities. For this, you are required to build an effective website that can convert a heavy online traffic into lifetime payouts.
FX Broker Tools offers the clients a wide range of services to provide comprehensive assistance in every program.

Key benefits Of our Forex Introducing Brokers & Affiliates

  • Access to advanced statistics with detailed reporting
  • Ability to offer sub or tiered IB structures
  • Receive attractive rewards depending on the trading activities of the clients being introduced.
  • Easy access to banners and tracking links.
  • Robust back office reporting
  • Lower trader expenses (the rebates are generated and posted at your expense)
  • Access to exclusive customer support for your clients
  • IBs and Partners administration and management tools.
  • Automatic commission and rebates generation engine.
  • Custom campaigns creation and administration Panel.

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